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“ I don't divide materials, project, realization and navigation; 
to me they are one. ”
Perizie Nautiche

The love for boats, for navigation, for the design, for the realization and for the functioning of things. A game of magical forces that can not be left to chance and must leave no doubt: investigate with expertise and experience assisted by new tools and directed towards new inductive practices.



The nautical expert and yacht surveyor is a historic profession that finds its application in many fields thanks to a multipurpose and technical training that makes it able to intervene both in determining the state of use of a boat in the commercial assessment, and in any legal disputes . His technical knowledge on the boats and their structure means that the expert also understands the ship's static and dynamic, the materials used for the manufacture, the technologies necessary for the construction and the general management of the shipyards. There are more and more shipowners who turn to the expert especially for the purchase of a new boat, as the assessments and technical estimates provided by a specialized technician allow to make purchases in transparency and safety, avoiding unpleasant incidents.

Survey on used boats:

the sale and purchase contracts are almost always supported by an appraisal on the boat that has the purpose of certifying the existence or absence of structural damage to the boat. The expert also checks the state of conservation and maintenance of the boat.

Survey on new boats:
reserved for the execution of custom works or the construction of large boats, this type of survey serves to validate the specifications and to check the progress of the work.

Estimate survey:

they are intended to determine the value of the vessel for the purpose of a purchase, financing or insurance.


Damages survey:

in the event of accidents, damage or accidental breakage


The tools used during the assessment are an aid to the evaluation of construction materials and the structure of the boat but they can never replace the experience of the expert, the hours spent in the boat, at sea, on the construction site.


Soverign Minsture Master e Protimeter BLD5365 Surveymaster Dual-Function Moisture Meter

These tools are very useful in monitoring the hull, a live work, for fiberglass boats and wooden boats. However, it is necessary to know how to interpret and know the reference values ​​considering how long the boat has remained in the water before being winged for inspection.



TurnRaise 2.0 Megapixel CMOS HD 9mm WiFi

Waterproof endoscope for video inspections: essential for monitoring inaccessible spaces.


Infrared thermal camera:

Flir One Pro
This tool used mostly in construction is also used in the nautical sector for different inspections. Take advantage of the infrared principle and photograph the sources of heat providing a color image. So we can check if the electrical system has leaks or parts that overheat, such as fuses, connections, derivations, or see if the engine room is well insulated or there are heat losses. It is also of great interest for the evaluation of the hull in case of de laminations following shocks or osmosis.


Digital tester:

Multi-function detector:

Sound level meter:

Digital thermometer:

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